Are we doing enough?

July 13, 2015 Thought Leadership

I was watching a movie a while back involving robots that had developed relationships with men. They served the humans and did everything that they were asked to do. They protected them, walked, treated and even helped them do their research. It was like sneak peak of the future like a 100 years from now or so.

However trouble befell that planet when man continued to destroy the environment. There were hardly any trees and everything within that city was becoming man made because natural resources were scarce including water, forestry, wild animals and even fertile soil. So the men of that city were fully dependent on their own scientifically engineered foods and other resources to survive. Kind of like modern day Genetically Modified Organisms  (GMOs). It was evident that they were not keen on protecting resources.

A war came upon the city when one of the robots who was quite different and believed in a better and cleaner planet began to speak against the humans for their negligence of the environment. As he tried to speak to the men they decided to destroy him. In a bid to protect him and the other robots war broke out against the humans as he continuously pleaded them to keep their environment safe, clean and stable for future generations.

In today’s world there are constant battles on environmental issues. From dumping waste in the seas to even littering anywhere and air pollution which is the greater contributor to global warming leaves the question, are we doing enough? Are we taking care of our environs as much as we should or do we leave it to the legislators and environmental bodies to deal with it?

Just like the men of that planet did not care, is that the same attitude we carry towards our environs? I believe we need more accountability systems even for something as simple as garbage collection in our beloved country. An IT based electronic system that monitors areas with garbage collection systems and those without.   It can be community based where it is run by the youth. The system provides an opportunity for the user to indicate whether their garbage has been collected or not. It also has a revenue collection system which indicates the amount the client has already paid in advance. Registration for new clients can be done online with the help of an agent or your mobile phone. With our current poor garbage collection systems that are found in very few areas this would make it easy for county councils to start providing the service.

At the end of the movie, the robots fought the humans to death in a bit to protect the environment, in the same light we should fight all the vices and habits we have formed until we eradicate them in a bit for the future generations to enjoy the breath of fresh air we have now. The future generations’ existence will depend on how we treat the environment now.

Each one of us can change how we treat the environment and become part of the solution, begin today!

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