The Monster Within

July 13, 2015 Thought Leadership

Years and years had passed in the city of Stoneville since they began their pig rearing tradition. It had been a big part of their lives, an emblem of their culture since the beginning of time. They worshipped these animals like they were demi-gods, a sense of their security and peace.

Big farms continuously spread all over the plains and even from a great distance; you could see the snout of a pig somewhere. Earl was among those farmers whose family had lived in Stoneville from four generations before him. It was the only place he had called home all his life and pig rearing was his only source of income.

So when the meat packaging plant was established he was as delighted as everyone else within the town. They now had their own symbol of development, something that politicians often spoke about. They had used it in previous campaigns, to blind the people from seeing what the real issues were.

Stoneville was no perfect town.  Corruption was rampant and leaders had a way with words to woe their subjects back to the ballot box.  It was a vicious cycle that didn’t seem to end and even though they complained there was nothing done about it.

In the brick walled and well-guarded packaging plant an experiment was brooding. A scheme to ruin the pride of the town. Scientists were genetically modifying the pigs to a new breed that were feeding on each other. So even though they reproduced they were destroying the very life line of the town.

The chain of corruption works like that where it eats society from the inside because it is the people from within who propagate fuel and encourage its continuation. The effects of corruption can only be stopped by the people it affects.

As the pigs continued to feed on each other the economy began to crumble because the population was dwindling. The government had to stop the crisis before it exploded into a full disaster. They designed an anti- genetic microchip that was carefully inserted into the neck of the pig releasing enzymes that began to reverse the effects of the genetic modification. Soon the town had gotten back to normalcy and the packaging plant closed to avoid further disaster scenarios.

The remedy to corruption is not getting foreigners to help us with formulas and solutions that have worked in their countries. The solution is to come up with remedies ourselves because we understand the root causes better than any outsider. Maybe we need our own special microchips inserted so that our attitudes can be changed to safe guard the morality of future generations.

It’s time to rise and fight corruption, the very vice that is destroying the moral fiber of society.

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