The Parenting Dilemma

July 13, 2015 Thought Leadership

The idea of technology been a faithful companion has moved from a dream to a dawning reality. I mean have you met Siri and that charming voice on your I Phone. She seems so real, you can even ask her stupid questions and even though her response is standard at least you get one. It has somewhat replaced our human relationships and basic conversation can barely go on for ten minutes without taking a peek at your phone.

Instagram, Facebook, Snap chat, Google Plus to name but a few so glued to screens that we can barely look up as we cross the road. It is clear that we are hooked to this drug and are constantly looking for the next fix either in a funny meme, our friend’s flashy lifestyle on Facebook and Instagram or tweefs (twitter wars) between the big wigs.

What if technology took it a notch higher and created an app that supports parenting, one that instills values and good morals in our children. Something that can converse like Siri only now with a moral campus that constantly acts as a guiding voice for our teens who are ever on their phones.

The absenteeism of parents from children’s lives is pretty evident and has been talked about over and over again by religious leaders, governments and psychologists alike. They have replaced their ever needed presence with more money and gadgets.

Then why not use that as opportunity to have an app that they can listen to instead of the many confusing voices of this world. One that can even monitor their where about either using a secret camera connection or some form of undiscovered technology (there lies an opportunity for you). Is it an invasion of their privacy? Maybe but I bet it is better than not knowing where your daughter or son is doing all day and with whom and then later finding out that they have been enrolled to a terrorist group or a weird cult.

Does it kill relationships even more? Probably but it is not like the world is doing anything to restore them. So if we can’t parent well anymore why not allow technology to help us. A place they can turn to when they need the answers to life’s difficult questions without much hustle. I believe it is time we looked at life with a different lens and realized that we can no longer turn a blind eye to our children’s needs and came up with a lasting solution.

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